How To Take Screenshots On Android Moto


If you’re an Android user, chances are you’ve had to take a screenshot at some point. Learn how to take screenshots on Android Moto in this post.

Maybe you wanted to capture a funny conversation you were having with a friend, or maybe you needed to save some important information from a website, you may find it easier to take a screenshot of the screen instead of trying to describe what it is you want them to see. 

However, taking a screenshot on an Android device is pretty easy, and in this article, we’ll show you how to do it on your Android Moto.

How To Take Screenshots On Android Moto

How To Take A Screenshot On An Android Moto

Taking screenshots on your Android Moto is a great way to capture and share important information.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Use the physical buttons

To do this, simply Press and hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously. 

After a few seconds, You’ll hear a camera shutter sound and see a notification animation indicating that a screenshot was taken.

Your Screenshots are automatically saved in the “Screenshots” folder in your Gallery app on your Android Moto.

2. Use Screen Capture

The second way to take a screenshot is through the Moto screenshot app feature.

Open the app and tap on the “Screen capture” icon or simply slide your finger down from the top of the screen and press the “screenshot” icon in the notification bar to capture the screen you are on.

The picture you captured is also automatically saved to the gallery of your phone and this method is the easiest as it is easy to navigate.

3. Use Moto Assist

Another way to take a screenshot is to use Moto Assist. With this, you can set up certain gestures to trigger a screenshot.

For example, you could set it so that if you double-tap the phone’s screen, a screenshot will be taken.

To use the Moto Assist, open settings, navigate to Moto Assist and go to the “Gestures” section. 

From here, you can enable or disable certain gestures, as well as edit the gesture settings. 

To take a screenshot using a gesture, simply perform the gesture while using your phone as normal. 

The screenshot will also be taken and saved automatically.

How To Take A Screenshot On An Android Moto

4. The Notification Panel Shuffle

  • Swift Swipe: Slide down the notification panel twice in quick succession. This rapid swipe often triggers a dedicated screenshot icon, depending on your Moto model.
  • Convenience: No app opening or button combos needed, making it ideal for one-handed operations.

5. The Pen Power Play (For Moto Stylus Users)

  • Unleash the Stylus: Eject your trusty Moto Stylus and double-tap the screen anywhere.
  • Customization: Dive into the Moto Stylus settings to personalize the double-tap action, allowing you to capture specific screen areas or even add annotations.
  • Creative Edge: This method shines for quick note-taking or highlighting on screenshots.

6. The Assistive Menu Ace

  • Activation Path: Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Assistive Menu and toggle it on.
  • Magic Button: A floating on-screen button appears. Tap it and select “Screenshot” to capture the current screen.
  • Accessibility Focus: While primarily designed for accessibility purposes, this method offers an alternative control option.

7. The Third-Party App Route

  • Exploration: Venture beyond the Moto app and explore popular screenshot apps like “Screenshot Easy” or “Screen Master.”
  • Advanced Features: These apps often offer additional functionalities like scrolling screenshots, annotations, and image editing tools.
  • Consideration: Carefully research app permissions and choose reputable sources for optimal security and experience.

8. The Scheduled Screenshot (Requires Third-Party App)

  • App Power: Utilize apps like “Scheduled Screenshot” or “Automatic Screenshot.”
  • Time Travel: Set specific times or intervals for automatic screenshots, perfect for capturing step-by-step tutorials or monitoring changing content.
  • Power User Tip: Combine this method with other techniques for comprehensive screenshot coverage.

How To Take Screenshots On Android Moto: FAQs

How do I find my saved screenshots?

On your Android Moto, open the Photos app and navigate to the Screenshots album. All your captured screenshots will be conveniently stored there.

Where are screenshots stored on Moto?

As mentioned earlier, all screenshots are automatically saved in your phone’s Gallery app. Look for the “Screenshots” album within the Gallery to access them easily.

How do I edit and share a screenshot?

To edit the screenshot, do the following:

  • Open the Gallery app and locate the screenshot you want to edit.
  • Tap the screenshot to open it.
  • A toolbar will appear at the bottom of the image.
  • Tap the crop button and adjust the corners to select your desired area.
  • For annotations or text additions, tap the pencil button and unleash your creativity.
  • To share your masterpiece, tap the share icon and choose your preferred method (email, social media, messaging, etc.).

Are there other ways to capture screenshots besides the standard buttons?

Absolutely! Your Moto offers several options:

  • Notification Panel: Swipe down the panel twice quickly. Some Moto models have a dedicated screenshot icon there.
  • Moto App: Open the app and tap the “Screen capture” icon.
  • Moto Assist Gestures: Enable gestures like double-tapping the screen in Moto Assist settings.
  • Third-party Apps: Explore apps like “Screenshot Easy” or “Screen Master” for advanced features like annotations and scheduled captures.

Can I personalize my screenshot method?

Yes! Depending on your Moto model, you can:

  • Enable/disable gestures in Moto Assist settings.
  • Customize the double-tap action for the Moto Stylus.
  • Set specific screenshot areas with advanced third-party apps.

What if I have a different Moto model?

While the core methods remain similar, specific features or app names might vary slightly. Consult your phone’s user manual or search online for detailed instructions tailored to your model.

Are there any security concerns with third-party screenshot apps?

Always be cautious! Choose apps from reputable sources and carefully review their permissions before downloading. Prioritize apps that respect your privacy and avoid those with excessive permission requests.

Remember, experimenting with different methods can help you find the screenshot approach that best suits your needs and preferences. Happy snapping!


All of these methods should work on most Moto devices. If you’re having trouble with one method, try the other and see if that works better for you.

And that’s all there is to take screenshots on your Moto!


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