How To Speed Up Android Phone Without Rooting


Are you in a situation where you need to speed up your Android phone, but rooting it seems to be the only option?

Don’t give up yet because this article will teach you how to speed up your Android phone without rooting.

Most of the time, when an Android phone starts slowing down, it’s a result of low memory. 

Meanwhile, one of the best ways to free up space is rooting your Phone, but you wouldn’t want to do this because you might end up losing important files.

So, see how to go about it below;

How To Speed Up Android Phone Without Rooting

Below are other options to speed up the Android phone without rooting;

How To Speed Up Android Phone

Method 1: Uninstall Useless Applications

Having a large number of applications installed slows down the device. 

This is mainly because all these apps have running background services that tend to slow down the device continuously.

Method 2: Clear Cache Memory

One of the solutions to increase storage in Android is to clear the application cache, which is the temporary files that have been stored over time.

To clear the application cache in Android, you need to go to storage settings, cached data, and Clear cache data. 

Although this procedure may be different in another Android phone, it is basically in the storage settings.

Method 3: Remove Bloatware

Google makes Android a very light and fast operating system, but different manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, or LG load the devices with applications that cannot be uninstalled and that we often do not use.

It may be the case, then, of having two music players or two browsers installed, which is a waste of space and resources.

So, you can go ahead and remove the extra ones.

Uninstall Useless Applications

Method 4: Disable Background Animations

Another tip to make Android faster and increase the performance of your device is to turn off screen animations and dynamic wallpapers.

To turn off animations, go to “Settings – Display – select a static background” and under “Developer options” – Disable window animations and transitions.

Method 5: Clean Storage And Back Up

Another way to get more storage space on Android is to clean the storage of all those large files that we do not need.

You can also make backup copies to a cloud service like Google Photos or Dropbox to back up the content and give your memory a break.

Method 6: Avoid Installing Applications to Improve Performance

Play Store is full of useless RAM management apps and cleaners.

Most users install these applications on their phones in the hope of seeing an increase in the performance of their device, but, on the contrary, these applications generally have the opposite effect since they execute several processes in the background permanently that slow down your phone.

How To Speed Up Android Phone Without Rooting

How To Speed Up Android Phone Without Rooting: Frequently Asked Questions

Many seek a speedier Android experience without compromising the security and stability offered by official software. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about boosting your Android phone’s performance without rooting:

Which methods effectively improve Android phone speed without rooting?

  • Storage Management: Free up storage space by deleting unused apps and files and clearing the app cache. Aim for at least 20% free space for optimal performance.
  • Background App Control: Limit background app activity to reduce resource consumption. Access this through Developer Options (Settings > About Phone> Tap Build Number 7 times) or your device’s battery optimization settings.
  • Reduce Animations: Disable or shorten animation transitions for a smoother feel. Access this through Developer Options under “Window animation scale” and other animation settings.
  • Software Updates: Ensure your operating system and apps are updated to benefit from performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Lite Apps: Choose “lite” versions of resource-intensive apps to reduce their footprint and improve performance.
  • Third-Party Optimization Apps: Use reputable apps like CCleaner or SD Maid to clean junk files and optimize storage, but be cautious and avoid aggressive cleaners that might harm your system.

Are there any hidden tricks or settings for faster performance?

  • Disable Location Services: Turn off location services when not needed to save battery and improve performance.
  • Wi-Fi Power Saving: Enable Wi-Fi power saving to disconnect from weak Wi-Fi networks automatically automatically.
  • Reduce Display Brightness: Lowering screen brightness slightly can conserve battery and improve performance.
  • Disable Auto-Sync: Turn off automatic data synchronization for unnecessary accounts to reduce background activity.
  • Force GPU Rendering (advanced): Enable “Force GPU rendering” in Developer Options for smoother graphics rendering (use with caution as it might impact battery life).

What should I avoid doing when trying to speed up my Phone?

  • Rooting: While rooting offers advanced control, it can void your warranty, introduce security risks, and potentially brick your device. Avoid it unless you’re a tech-savvy user with a specific need.
  • Battery Savers: Aggressive battery-saver apps often restrict essential background processes, hindering performance.
  • Task Killer Apps: Avoid constantly killing tasks, as the Android system manages memory efficiently on its own.
  • Unreliable Optimization Tools: Steer clear of tools with exaggerated claims or unclear functionalities. Stick to reputable options.

Are there any other tips to maintain a speedy Android phone?

  • Regular Restarts: Occasionally restarting your Phone clears temporary files and optimizes performance.
  • Quality Apps: Choose well-regarded apps that are regularly updated and optimized for performance.
  • Avoid Malware: Use a reputable antivirus app to protect your device from malware that can impact performance.
  • Monitor Performance: Use tools like “Settings > Battery” or “Developer Options > Performance” to identify apps or processes draining resources.

Remember, consistent maintenance and mindful usage contribute significantly to a smooth and speedy Android experience, even without rooting. By following these tips and avoiding risky practices, you can keep your Phone performing at its best!


I hope these tips above will help you speed up your Android phone without rooting. All you have to do is give them a trial.

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