How To Check Hotmail Junk Mail On Android


Hotmail is one of the most popular email services on the internet, so I will be showing you how to check Hotmail junk mail in this post. 

Millions of people use Hotmail every day to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues. 

Unfortunately, many people also receive junk mail from this Hotmail on a daily basis.

If you want to check your Hotmail junk mail on your Android device, there are a few steps you can take, which I am going to explain in this post, but before that, I will briefly explain the meaning of junk mail.

How To Check Hotmail Junk Mail On Android

What Are Junk Mails?

Junk mail is one of the most common types of mail. It is sent to people who don’t want it ( mostly located in the spam folder), and it takes up a lot of space in our mailboxes. 

Junk mail includes mail that is advertising products that you don’t want or mail that is just advertising.

Junk mail is a waste of money. It takes up a lot of space, and it’s not really worth sending it. 

If you want to stop getting junk mail, you can set up a junk mail filter. You can also try signing up for a mail forwarding service.

How To Check Junk Mail On Android

Now that you know the meaning of junk mail and its disadvantages, let’s get to know how you can check junk mail on Hotmail using your Android device. 

There are numerous ways to check this, but people normally use two apps, which are MS Outlook and Gmail apps. I will be using MS Outlook, which is the most popular.

Method 1: Use Outlook App

Hotmail has been introduced to the Outlook app, so you can now use it to check junk mail.  

And the Outlook app can be found on your Android mobile phone. So below are the steps to check this junk mail in your Hotmail.

  1. Head over to the Play Store and Install the Microsoft Outlook app.
  2. Create an account by opening the Outlook app after installing it on your device, then choosing “Add Account” and choosing Outlook as the account type to add.
  3. Then, create a new account if you have none, or you can enter your previous email ID and password so as to add the pre-existing account to your Outlook app. 
  4. When you are done with account login or creation into your Hotmail,  then view an Account menu, which is located at the top left panel of the Outlook app. From that account menu, it is possible to switch to your Hotmail accounts if necessary.
  5. There is also a menu located on the left section of the account, which is made up of various folders, including Inbox, Archive, Sent, Draft, and a folder named “Junk folder.”
  6. Click on the folder to view the junk mail and delete any if necessary or move over to the main inbox.

Method 2: The Default Mail App Maestro

  1. Gmail Guru: As you know, open the Gmail app and tap the menu (three lines), then scroll down and tap “Spam” to enter the junk mail fortress.
  2. Email Examiner: Review each email carefully. Mark genuine ones as “Not spam” with a tap, and send the truly unwanted to oblivion with the trash can icon.
  3. Spam Slayer: For suspicious emails, tap the three dots and choose “Report spam” to alert Google and aid the greater good.

Method 3: Third-Party App Tamer

If you use Outlook, Yahoo Mail, or another valiant app, fear not! Consult their settings or help pages to locate the junk mail folder and vanquish unwanted messages there.

Method 4: Browser-Based Blitz

Open your email through a web browser on your Android device. Log in, navigate to “Settings,” and locate the “Spam” or “Junk” folder. Unleash your cleaning power just like in the default app.

Method 5: File Manager Finesse

For some email apps, the junk folder might be hidden within the app’s data files.

Use a file manager app to explore the app’s data directory (often under “/data/data/<app name>/”) and search for folders like “spam” or “junk.”

Remember, venturing into app data requires caution and potential technical knowledge.

Bonus Techniques for Junk Mail:

  • Filter Forge: Most email apps allow you to forge your own spam filters. Add senders or keywords to block or whitelist, becoming a gatekeeper of your inbox.
  • Empty the Trash Regularly: Don’t let deleted junk fester! Empty the spam folder periodically to free up space and maintain order.
  • Suspicious Sleuth: Don’t be fooled by disguises! Be wary of suspicious emails, even if they seem from legitimate sources. Don’t open them or click links within.
  • Two-Factor Titan: Enable two-factor authentication for your email account. This adds an extra layer of security, making it harder for spammers to breach your defenses.

Remember: By wielding these methods and staying vigilant, you can become a master of managing junk mail on your Android device. Keep your inbox clean, protect yourself from digital dangers, and reclaim your digital zen!

How To Check Junk Mail On Android: FAQs

Here are the answers to your top questions about how to check Hotmail junk mail on Android:

Where does my junk mail go on Android?

This depends on the email app you use:

  • Default Gmail App: Junk mail goes to the “Spam” folder, accessible by tapping the menu icon (three lines) and scrolling down.
  • Third-Party Email Apps: Consult your app’s specific settings or help documentation to find the junk mail folder name and location.
  • Browser-Based Email: Log in to your email through a web browser on your Android device. Navigate to “Settings” and locate the “Spam” or “Junk” folder.

How can I be sure I’m not missing important emails in my junk mail?

  • Review your junk mail regularly: Don’t just rely on filters. Periodically scan through your junk mail folder to ensure important emails haven’t been mistakenly flagged.
  • Customize your filters: Most email apps allow you to adjust spam filters by adding specific senders or keywords to block or whitelist.
  • Mark important emails as “not spam”: If you find a legitimate email in your junk mail, tap “Not spam” to move it back to your inbox.

What if I accidentally delete an important email from my junk mail?

  • Check the trash folder: Most email apps have a trash folder where deleted emails are stored temporarily. You might be able to recover it from there.
  • Contact your email provider: If the email is permanently deleted, contact your email provider’s support team. They might be able to help you recover it, depending on their policies and procedures.

Bonus Tip: Remember, even if you haven’t checked your junk mail in a while, you can still search for specific emails using the search bar within your email app.


Now that you know how to check Hotmail junk mail on Android, you can go ahead and give it a trial. 

By regularly checking and managing your junk mail, you can keep your inbox clean, protect yourself from spam and phishing attempts, and reclaim your digital sanity!


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