40 Best Smartphone Forums for Expert Advice


Have you been searching for the best smartphone forums? Then we have got over 25 of them in this post today.

A forum is a web-based discussion gathering where users can post messages and share ideas. Forums can be found on many websites and are frequently used for customer service, product support, technical support, and commenting on articles. 

In this post, we will review the best Smartphone Forums where discussions about Mobile, Android, and iOS smartphones occur.

So, let’s dive in;

Best Smartphone Forums

1. Phones Forum 

Michael Mann founded the phone forum; it is where Cell Phone Discussions, Opinions, Software programming, Gaming, Troubleshooting, and other smartphone-related topics can be discussed. This forum is a great place to get information on phones and build links to your site if you are into blogging.

2. OnePlus Community

OnePlus is one of the most welcoming and supportive online smartphone forums online. The OnePlus community is passionate about their products and will go out of their way to help others. Members of this community are always willing to offer advice, share their smartphone experiences, and offer support.

OnePlus Community

3. Cell Phone Forums

A website designed to help users find information and tips about various phone products. CellPhoneForum can also serve as an avenue for users to share their experiences with various cell phones. You will likely learn new stuff from forum members each time you visit the website.

4. Droid Forums

Droid forum is another popular Android forum on the internet. Droid Forums is packed with helpful discussions, user-generated content, and lots of fun content. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Android user, Droid Forums has something for you.

5. iPhone Forum

Home to the largest and most comprehensive iPhone forum on the web. You can find discussions on all aspects of iPhone usage, from troubleshooting to advanced hacking.

The website serves as a community of iPhone enthusiasts who share tips, tricks, and reviews on all Apple-related topics. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced iPhone user, you’ll find the information and support you need on iPhone Forum.

6. AndroidCentral Forum

AndroidCentral is where users can discuss all sorts of Android-related topics. Whether you’re looking for advice on using a certain app, need help troubleshooting an issue, or want to chat with other Android users, AndroidCentral Forum is the place to do it.

Android central

7. Android Forums

A website that provides users with information on the latest Android devices and applications and discusses issues and questions related to Android devices. Android Forums has an app, Google PlayStore, which you can download for free.

8. Android Republic

The Android Republic is an online forum where Android users can share their experiences, ask questions, and give advice. The forum is divided into sections for devices, apps, tips, and tricks, and the community is very active, with posts being made daily. Members can also join discussion groups and rate and review apps.

9. XDA Developers Forums

A forum founded by Valnet Inc. Peter Poelman, who created this forum for developers and enthusiasts of Android, iOS, Windows, and other mobile platforms. It offers a forum, news, and a user community for developers to share tips and tricks, discuss code, ask and answer questions, and collaborate on projects.

So, if you are a smartphone user, it is a nice place to meet new people, share information, and learn new tips and hacks for free.

XDA Developers Forums

10. Tom’s Guide Android Smartphones Forum

Tom’s Guide is a great resource for forum users and owners. The site provides a searchable database of forums, a forum management system, and a forum monitoring system. Tom’s Guide is categorized by topic and provides detailed information about each forum, including the forum rules, the forum message board, and the forum users.

Tom's Guide Android Smartphones Forum

11. Nairaland Forum

Nairaland is the leading online destination for Nigerian news, information, opinion, and culture, with over 12 million active users. Although this forum is not specifically created for Android or smartphone users, it is open to all niches, so smartphone information is also shared there.

Nairaland Forum

12. AVForums

AVForums was created for users to discuss topics in audio and video technology. This forum has a large user base and is one of the most popular technology forums today. This website has a wide range of topics that beginners and experts can relate to. Every topic on the website has its unique forum and is constantly updated with new content.

13. MoneySavingExpert Forum

MoneySavingExpert is a go-to source for financial advice and information. Whether you’re a beginner looking for tips and advice on saving money or an experienced saver looking for new ways to save money, you’re sure to find the information and advice you need on the MoneySavingExpert forum. Although this website is not primarily created for smartphone discussion, it will help in decision-making when purchasing your phone and other related financial issues.

14. Tech Advisor Forum 

Tech Advisor is one of the most popular online communities for tech enthusiasts. It offers a great opportunity to connect with other tech enthusiasts and learn about the latest trends.

The forum is divided into different sections: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more. You can find helpful advice and discussions on a wide range of tech topics, including tips and tricks and how to use particular software.

15. Tecno Spot 

A forum where users can share their thoughts and experiences about Tecno products is a great place to find helpful information, ask questions, and connect with other Tecno fans. The forum is filled with helpful tips, tricks, and advice from Tecno users. You can find discounts on Tecno products and accessories on this platform, too.

16. Overclockers UK Forums

A British online discussion board about the latest news, reviews, tips, and advice on timekeeping: it is run by a team of enthusiasts and experts dedicated to helping its members with smartphone-related issues.

17. Digital Spy Forums

Digital Spy Forums is a website where users can talk about movies, TV shows, music, and other topics. It can serve as an avenue for smartphone users to discuss phone brands and helpful tips.

18. Android Developers Forum on Google Groups

A top-rated forum for Android developers. This group was created for discussion and collaboration among Android developers. It is also great for sharing coding tips, tricks, and best practices. It can serve as a great place to get vital information about smartphones.

19. Smart Phone Forums

If you’re looking for a perfect place to share your experiences with other smartphone users, then you can check out Smart Forums. This site is home to a community of smartphone users who can share advice, suggest apps, and discuss all mobile-related stuff.

20. AnandTech

A home for technology lovers. AnandTech is another interesting forum recommended for anyone searching for a place where discussion of smartphones, slates, or other mobile gadgets takes place.

21. Hard Forums

A chat room where you can connect with your mates interested in discussions on smartphones and mobile gadgets. Some popular topics discussed in this forum include features, processors, design, and more.

22. Making Money with Android Forum

Even if this forum was created to help you make money with your Android phone, it could be the best place to meet people with like minds. 

In this forum, you will discuss Android Development, Android Apps, tablets, the latest phones, the hottest gadgets, and more. You can post the question on the platform if you need answers to some smartphone-related questions.

23. Unity Forum

Want a place where you can ask questions related to Android development and get answers? Then, visit the Unity Forum. This forum has experts who have shared valuable tips on the platform for many years. Also, you can visit the forum if you need affordable services from Android developers.

24. Stack Overflow

It is one of the most popular technology forums with a section for smartphones. It is a recommended place for smartphone users to find answers to their most pressing questions. With just a search, you will have suggestions, tutorials, and solutions to any phone-related problem.

25. CodeProject

This is a great forum for programmers and coding enthusiasts. Code Provides shares free source codes and tutorials for members of their forum. They have a category in the forum where smartphone-related issues are discussed. Therefore, if you need help with Android or iOS, you can head over to the CodeProject Forum.

26. GSMArena Forum

GSMArena’s forum complements its detailed phone reviews and specifications. It’s an excellent platform for in-depth discussions about smartphones, and you can find answers to technical questions and interact with fellow smartphone enthusiasts.

27. PhoneArena Forum

PhoneArena’s forum is a community of smartphone users who discuss their devices, share tips and help one another troubleshoot issues. If you’re looking for a space to engage with smartphone fans, this is a great choice.

28. AndroidPIT Forum

AndroidPIT offers an Android-focused forum that covers various aspects of the operating system and Android devices. You can seek advice, share your experiences, and participate in discussions about your favorite Android devices.

29. Mobile Nations Forum

Mobile Nations encompasses several specialized websites, including Android Central, iMore, and Windows Central. Their forums provide a space to discuss mobile technologies and platforms, making it an excellent hub for smartphone enthusiasts with diverse preferences.

30. iMore Forums

iMore Forums is a community dedicated to Apple users, focusing on iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products. Here, you can find discussions about iOS, troubleshooting, app recommendations, and everything related to the Apple ecosystem.

31. CrackBerry Forum

If you’re a BlackBerry user or a fan of their devices, the CrackBerry Forum is the ultimate community to engage with fellow BlackBerry enthusiasts. This forum is a valuable resource for troubleshooting, app recommendations, and news related to BlackBerry devices.

32. Windows Central Forum

For Windows Phone users and enthusiasts, the Windows Central Forum is the place to discuss Windows-based mobile devices. You can find answers to technical questions, discuss apps, and explore the latest news related to the Windows Mobile platform.

33. BGR India Forum

BGR India’s forum is a community of smartphone users and tech enthusiasts. It covers a wide range of topics, from mobile devices to apps and services. Engage in conversations, ask questions, and share your insights with fellow users.

34. PhoneScoop Forum

PhoneScoop’s forum is a versatile platform for discussions on a wide range of mobile topics, including device reviews, carrier updates, and app recommendations. Whether you’re interested in hardware or network-related discussions, this forum has you covered.

35. CyanogenMod Forum

The CyanogenMod Forum is the place to explore custom ROMs, firmware updates, and other Android modifications. If you’re looking to customize your Android device beyond the manufacturer’s specifications, this forum is a valuable resource.

36. Tech Support Forum

Tech Support Forum provides a wide-ranging space to discuss smartphones and mobile technology issues. Whether you need help troubleshooting a problem or want to explore the latest trends, this forum is a valuable resource for users of all levels of expertise.

37. Mobility Arena Forum

Mobility Arena is a Nigerian-based forum focusing on mobile technology, including smartphones, tablets, and accessories. It’s a great platform to connect with smartphone users from various regions and access information on the latest mobile trends.

38. Reddit’s r/androiddev

If you’re an Android developer or aspiring to be one, the r/androiddev subreddit is an essential community. It’s a place to share knowledge, ask questions, and collaborate with other developers in the Android ecosystem.

39. Smartphone Community Forum

The Smartphone Community Forum provides a space for users to discuss various smartphone brands, models, and operating systems. Whether you’re an iOS, Android, or Windows Phone user, you can engage with like-minded individuals here.

40. Xiaomi MIUI Forum

If you’re a Xiaomi smartphone user or a fan of MIUI custom ROMs, the Xiaomi MIUI Forum is a dedicated community for you. Explore discussions on Xiaomi devices, MIUI updates, and customizations.

Best Smartphone Forums: Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the top 1 smartphone?

It’s impossible to crown just one phone as the absolute best. Instead, here are some highly-rated smartphones in different categories based on recent reviews and user feedback:

  • Overall:
    • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Powerful processor, long battery life, versatile camera system, S Pen stylus support.
    • Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max: Powerful A17 Pro chip, excellent camera system, sleek design, iOS ecosystem.
    • Google Pixel 8 Pro: Cutting-edge AI features, clean software experience, unique camera capabilities.
  • Budget:
    • Google Pixel 7a: Affordable, great camera performance, clean software experience.
    • Samsung Galaxy A54 5G: Balanced performance, good camera, 5G connectivity.
  • Camera:
    • Google Pixel 8 Pro: Excellent photo and video quality, innovative software features.
    • Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max: Versatile camera system, great low-light performance, cinematic video recording.
    • Sony Xperia 1 V: Professional-grade camera features, powerful zoom lens.

Who is the king of smartphones?

This title often changes hands depending on current market share and new releases. As of February 6, 2024, it’s:

  • Samsung: Holds the largest market share globally, selling the most smartphones overall.
  • Apple: Dominant in the high-end market, known for premium iPhones and a loyal user base.

Who is the world’s largest smartphone vendor?

Based on current statistics, Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone vendor by market share in 2024.

Remember, these are just starting points. To find the best smartphone for you, consider your budget, priorities, and what features matter most to you. Reading reviews, comparing specs, and even trying out phones in person can help you make an informed decision.


Smartphones are one of the most popular portable devices in the world. Millions of people use smartphones daily to communicate, shop, learn, and more. 

Meanwhile, we discovered that many people have been searching for the best smartphone forums, and we decided to share this list with you. You can check any of them in your free time to find the one that best suits your needs.


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